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Super Duplex Steel

Offering you a complete choice of products which include super duplex fasteners, super duplex 32760 butt weld tube fittings, super duplex 31803 blind flange with 1 2 npt and super duplex 32750 butt weld pipe.

Super Duplex Fasteners

Super Duplex Fasteners
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Approx. Rs 650 / Kg
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Product Details:
Material GradeUNS 32750, 32760
Thread TypeYes

Nexus Alloys & Steels P Ltd is the Leading  Manufacturer and Exporter of Super Duplex ASTM A182 F53, F55 Fasteners . We provide Super Duplex ASTM A182 F53, F55 Fasteners that are made of double phase stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant and Cr-Ni-Mo-N pitting resistant. Our range of product is an austenitic and ferritic structural stainless steel and has a good mechanical and corrosion resistance. It is extensively used in case of parts, valves and pumps under pressure. It is also subject to corrosion and in case of centrifugal pumps. When Super Duplex ASTM A182 F55 Fasteners are at soluble states; their corrosion result gets the maximum result.

  • Best material among the types austenitic Cr-Ni even in presence of chlorides and moreover when further to corrosive conditions we also have mechanical stress
  • Super Duplex ASTM A182 F55 can be welded using common means and can get soluble after the welding operation
  • Recommended not to be used at temperatures higher than 300oC

Comparable Specifications

EN 10088/3X2 Cr Ni Mo Cu W N 15-7-4

Nominal Chemical Composition

S< 0.005

Physical Properties

Densityg/cm320oC 7.75
Modulus of ElasticityN/mm220oC 206.000
Thermal ConductivityW/m.K. (20oC) 15
Specific HeatJ/g.K. (20oC) 500
Thermal Expansion Coefficient20o - 200oC 11.5
20o - 400oC 12.5
20o - 600oC 13.0

Mechanical Properties At Room Temperature

Yield StrengthRP 0.2 N/mm2≥550
Tensile StrenngthRm N/mm2 750-895
ElungationA5 % ≥25
Reduction of areaZ% ≥45
HardnessHB ≤270
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Super Duplex 32760 Butt Weld Tube Fittings

Approx. Price: Rs 950 / Piece
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Butt weld tube fittings are components used in piping systems to connect tubes or pipes through a butt welding process Butt welding involves joining two pieces of metal by heating the ends and then pressing them together The resulting joint is strong leak resistant and smooth making it suitable for various applications particularly in industries where hygiene strength and reliability are critical such as in the food pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors Here are some key points about butt weld tube fittings Types of Fittings Butt weld tube fittings include various types such as elbows tees reducers caps and crosses These fittings allow changes in direction diameter or branching in the piping system Materials Butt weld fittings are typically made from materials like stainless steel carbon steel alloy steel and other metals suitable for the intended application The choice of material depends on factors like corrosion resistance temperature pressure and medium being transported Sizes and Dimensions Butt weld tube fittings come in different sizes and dimensions to accommodate various pipe diameters and wall thicknesses Common sizes are specified in inches or millimeters Standards Fittings are manufactured to conform to specific industry standards such as ASME B16 9 for dimensions ASME B31 3 for process piping and other relevant codes and standards Welding Process The butt welding process involves beveling the pipe ends to create a V groove heating the beveled ends to a specific temperature using methods like resistance heating or induction heating and then pressing the heated ends together to create a permanent weld joint Advantages Butt weld tube fittings offer advantages like high strength leak resistance and a smooth interior surface that minimizes pressure drop and avoids entrapment of contaminants Installation Installation requires skilled labor and specialized equipment to ensure accurate alignment and proper welding Welding must be performed by qualified welders to ensure the integrity of the joint Cleanability The smooth interior surface of butt weld fittings reduces the chances of bacterial growth or accumulation of debris making them suitable for sanitary applications Applications Butt weld tube fittings are commonly used in industries where hygiene and process reliability are crucial such as food and beverage pharmaceuticals chemical processing oil and gas and more Inspection and Testing Welded joints should undergo inspection and testing methods like visual inspection radiographic examination ultrasonic testing and dye penetrant testing to ensure the quality of the welds It s important to note that the specifics of butt weld tube fittings can vary based on the industry application and the standards being followed If you re working on a project that involves these fittings it s recommended to consult relevant codes standards and professionals to ensure proper design installation and safety

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece
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Super Duplex 31803 Blind Flange With 1 2 Npt

Approx. Price: Rs 895 / Piece
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A blind flange with a 1 2 NPT National Pipe Thread connection refers to a type of flange used in piping systems Let s break down the components of this term Blind Flange A blind flange is a type of flange that is used to seal the end of a piping system or a vessel opening It has no bore or inner opening hence the term blind Blind flanges are commonly used when future expansion or maintenance might be necessary as they can be easily removed to provide access to the interior of the system 1 2 NPT NPT stands for National Pipe Thread which is a type of threaded connection used for joining pipes and fittings In this context 1 2 refers to the nominal pipe size NPS of the connection which is approximately half an inch in diameter NPT threads are tapered and are commonly used for connecting pipes and fittings in plumbing and other fluid systems So a blind flange with 1 2 NPT means a flange that has a blind configuration and features a 1 2 NPT threaded connection which could be used for attaching a pipe or a fitting to the flange in a piping system

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece
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Super Duplex 32750 Butt Weld Pipe

Approx. Price: Rs 1,100 / Kg
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A butt weld pipe joint is a common type of connection used in piping systems and welding applications It involves joining two pipes or tubes end to end by welding the adjoining edges together This type of joint is primarily used for pipes or tubes that are of the same diameter and have compatible materials Here s a step by step explanation of how a butt weld pipe joint is typically created Preparation The first step involves preparing the pipes to be joined This includes cleaning the pipe ends to remove any dirt grease or contaminants that could affect the quality of the weld The pipe ends are typically beveled to create a V shaped groove or a U shaped groove depending on the welding process used Alignment The two pipes to be joined are then aligned ensuring that the ends are precisely matched Proper alignment is crucial for a strong and effective weld Tacking Once the pipes are aligned they are temporarily tacked together at a few points to hold them in place during the welding process Welding The actual welding process takes place Butt welding can be done using different welding techniques such as TIG Tungsten Inert Gas MIG Metal Inert Gas or stick welding The choice of technique depends on factors such as the material being welded and the specific requirements of the application Filling In some cases additional filler material is added to the joint during the welding process to ensure a strong and secure bond between the pipes The filler material is typically of the same or compatible material as the pipes Cooling and Inspection After the welding is completed the joint is allowed to cool Once cooled the joint is inspected for any defects such as cracks or incomplete welds Non destructive testing methods like visual inspection X ray or ultrasonic testing may be used to ensure the quality of the weld Finishing If necessary the welded joint might undergo further finishing processes such as grinding or polishing to achieve a smooth surface and remove any weld spatter or irregularities Butt weld joints are preferred in applications where a smooth interior surface is crucial as the welded seam is typically smoother compared to other types of joints like threaded or socket welded joints These joints also provide good structural integrity and fluid flow characteristics It s important to note that proper training and expertise in welding techniques are required to create strong and reliable butt weld joints Additionally the choice of welding process filler material and other variables should be based on the specific materials being used and the intended application of the pipes

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kg
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